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  1. Click "Dialog" next to the App. Status Setup you want to add a Dialog to on the App. Status Setup page (or click the link on Step 4 from the "Adding a new App. Status Setup" guide)
  2. Click "Add"
  3. Step 1: "Basic"
    1. Choose which status to move the application from
    2. Choose which status to move the application to
    3. Choose the type of dialog
      1. Yes/No Form confirms the user wants to proceed with a simple Yes/No. Collects no data.

      2. Simple Form shows as a pop-up/modal dialog. It is limited to one step, but the fields are customizable. Data is collected and may be viewed from tabs on the view page.

    4. Choose and Set the Access Control List
      1. A person with Write access may:
        • Use this dialog.
      2. A person with Read access may:
        • View the data collected by this dialog, if the dialog collects data.
      3. A person with Delete access may:
        • Delete the data collected by this dialog, if the dialog collects data. An option to delete will appear where the collected data is listed.
    5. Choose the Icon used by this dialog
      1. This Icon is what shows on the dashboard to initiate the dialog
    6. Enter the name of the dialog
  4. Step 2: "Type Options"
    1. Enter the text you want the person using the dialog to see
      1. ex. "Are you sure you want to...?"
    2. If "Simple Form" was chosen on Step 1 c, choose an App. Type to use in the dialog
  5. Step 3: "Notify Default?
    1. Choose whether or not you want default notifications to send for this status
      1. Yes: Will always send the default notification
      2. No: Will never send the default notification
      3. Inherit: Will send based on the current system setting in Administration
  6. Step 4: "Preview"
    1. This step allows you to view what this dialog (both the icon and the pop up after clicking) will look like from a user's perspective
  7. Click "Save & Exit"