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This guide will show you how to set up custom styles for shapefiles or plotted points like campsites. For this feature to work correctly, there must be some column of data that can be used to reference which style should be used. For example, of the styling is for campsites in four different categories (electrical, non-electrical, and tente) there must be a column the holds these values.

  1. Click “Customizer” under the “User” tab

  2. Click “Tables” next to the zone that contains the records you want to style

  3. Click “ Modify next to the table that contains the records you want to style

  4. Go to Step 5 “Map Layer”

  5. Set the Default Draw Style drop down to the style that should be used if a record does not match the values provided in the rule created on step 7

  6. Set the Field used for conditional Draw Styles drop down to the name of the column that holds the records you want to base the rule on

  7. Set the draw rule

    1. The rule follows a specific format as follows:

      1. {“value”, “styleid”}

      2. value is the text in the column, for our campsite example this would be one of the site types (electrical, non-electrical, and tent,)

      3. styleid is the id of the style that should be used for records that contain “value” in the column chosen in step 5


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