A ConneX account is needed to access any OneOffice site for:

  • Plan download

  • Document approvals

  • Bidding via BidVAULT

  • Access to submittals

  • Access to view documents like pay requests and weekly reports

Your account can be used as a single sign on with any OneOffice site you are connected with.


ConneX accounts can also be used with OneGov online permits to:

  • Single Sign-On across all OneOffice and OneGov sites. 

  • User accounts to share permit access within the same organization. 

  • Asset Management Section. 

ConneX accounts are free. If you are bidding on a contract via BidVAULT, some agencies will charge to bid and you can buy credits for bidding, on the ConneX site.

Under the Organization tab, you can click on OneOffice sites or OneGov sites, and then click on ‘Sync’. Your account will have instant access to the selected sites.

Your organization can have any number of user accounts underneath it. The name on each user account is what will show when an agency is selecting a user to approve documents and is also the name that will show on approved documents. New user accounts can be added by the organization administrator(s); or a user can request to 'join' an organization. If a request is made, the organization administrator(s) will be able to either accept or deny the request.

If an organization is approved at a government agency, any user accounts that are created or accepted as a part of that organization will also be merged into the government agency's OneOffice database.

The founder of is the person/user account who initially created the organization on ConneX. This person also has administrative rights and can add and approve additional user accounts for the organization, as well as perform other administrative tasks. The founder may not be removed from the organization.

Only the 'founder' of an organization has the ability to delete an organization on ConneX. The 'founder' must first delete all user accounts that are part of the organization, and then can use the administrative tab labeled 'Founder Options' to remove the organization from ConneX.

No, all accounts must have a unique email address. The organization email may be the same as an users

You can change or update your name and email address, but you cannot update your username.

Your company name, email address, and street address can all be changed in the Organization tab. You do need to have ConneX Administrator or Founder rights to make these changes on the account.