Bid on a project

Things you will need in order to bid on a project:
  • ConneX account - Click here if your organization already has an account but you do not have a user account. Click here if your organization does not have an account.
  • PIN number - Click here to get one.

Step-by-step guide

A. Plan Room - Download Plans and Proposals

  1. Go to the County/City eGram site that has the project you wish to bid on. Don't know the site address? Click here to find it.
  2. Click "Log In" and then click "Log in with ConneX".
  3. Click on the project you would like to bid on underneath the header called "Projects in bidding". This will bring you to the project homepage.
  4. Click on "Become a Plan holder" under the header called "Plan Holder Data". You will need to download the files in order to view them.
  5. Go back to the project homepage and click on "Bid on this project" under the header called "bidVAULT". This will redirect you to the bidVAULT site.

B. bidVAULT Site - Download Bid Key/Start Bid

  1. Log in with you same User Id and password you use for ConneX, if you are not logged into bidVAULT already.
  2. If the project requires you to pay to bid on the project, click "Click here to gain access to bid on this project". If the project doesn't require you to pay, go to step 3.
  3. Click "Click here to download your key file.", this may take a couple minutes. You might be prompted once this is download to save or open it. Save this to a place that you will not forget. You will need this file in order to start bidding and also to go back into your bid. Note: This key file is not a readable document or text file so you do not need to open or view it in order to continue. Also your browser may not prompt you to save or open this file, so it may be in your downloads folder.
  4. Once the key has been downloaded click "click here to continue with your bid.".
  5. Click on "Browse" to navigate to your key you just downloaded. Select the key and click "Open".
  6. Click "Submit" to open the bidding process.
  7. The First page will be where you accept the terms and conditions for using bidVAULT. Read through the terms of use and if you accept them, Click the check-box at the bottom then click "Next".
  8. The next step or two will be verifying you have read the plans and proposals for the project. Click the check-boxes underneath each file. Click on "Next".

C. Create Bid Documentation

  1. Filling out documentation. NOTE: Clicking the "Save" button will not save any documents. To save the documents follow steps a - c below. The save button will only save the prices you are bidding on.
    1. You may now have to fill out some documentation. To fill in this documentation, click on the text boxes and type in the correct information. Click "Collect Signatures".
    2. Enter your PIN, and click the green button that says "Sign". Don't have a PIN? Click here to get one.
    3. Click "Review, then click "Finished". Note: You know you are done filling out the document when you see the green print button.
    4. Click "Next" to fill out the next document or get to the next step.
  2. Repeat step 1 until the documents are done.

D. Enter in Prices for Project Items

  1. Now enter in your price for each item in the project, and click "Next". You may more than one page and also might have alternate items to bid on. You may click "Save" to save the prices you have added in.

E. Bid Bond

  1. Once you are at the bid bond step, you can select either:
    • "Skip this step" - select this if you would like to mail or email the bid bond. To find out where to send it look under "Messages" in the projects homepage on eGram. If it is not there you may want to contact someone at the County/City
    • "Surety 2000" - select this if you are using Surety 2000 to send the bid bond electronically.
      1. Contract ID - can be the project number if the project does not have a contract id number.
      2. Contractor's State Vendor ID Number - can be your federal tax id number.
      3. Bond Number - is your bid bond number
    • "InSure Vision Technologies" - select this if you are using Insure to send the bid bond electronically.
      1. Bond Number - is your bid bond number
  2. Click "Next" .
  3. If you have more documentation to fill out, follow step "C. Create Bid Documentation".

F. Approve Bid

  1. To approve your bid, enter your same PIN number you used to fill out the documentation and then click "Approve Bid". Don't have a PIN? Click here to get one.
  2. Click "Next".
  3. Click "Finish". This will make your bid complete. If you do not click "Finish" the County/City can still accept your bid.

NOTE: You have now successfully completed a bid! You may also go back and change your bid if you would like anytime while the project is still out for bid.