Initial Setup Checklist

These steps will need to be completed prior to setting up your first project on bidVAULT

  • Create general email address that multiple users can subscribe to. This is the email address that will receive all bid opening keys (ie

  • Send the above email address to
  • For the email address that is setup, ensure it is setup to be able to receive emails from:  This is the email address that will send you the bid opening key when the project is posted.
  • Notify contractors about online bidding via BidVault

  • Setup employees to be a part of the BidVault group account in eGram (only in Legacy OneOffice)

  • (Optional if using eBid Bond) Register with Surety 2000 via:

  • (Optional if using eBid Bond) Register with SuretyWave:

Project Owner Bidding Process

  1. Post project to BidVault, via eGram project page (only those in the BidVault group will have this ability).

  2. The agency bidding email address that is setup with RtVision will receive a project key. This project key must be saved and cannot be reissued; it is necessary to open the bid.

  3. If necessary, re-sync the project from the same location on the project page if there are any changes to project items, addendums, plans, etc...

  4. After bidding has closed, an audit key will be emailed to the agency bidding email address that is setup with RtVision. The auditor's key, in conjunction with the project key, are necessary to open the bids. Log into BidVault with an eGram employee account and upload both keys to view bids.

  5. View bids and bid bonds (where applicable) and select those bids that you would like to import into OneOffice.

More detailed outline of this process can be found in the OneOffice knowledge-base by clicking here.

Shared Document list available for selection with each project:

  • 21126D (with and without DBE goals)

  • CM 32-34 (equal opportunity clause)

  • Human Rights Certificate

  • Non-Collusion Affidavit

  • Responsible Contractor Attachment A

  • Affirmative Action Certification
  • Affirmative Action Statement


Adding a Project to Bidvault   bidVAULT setup.pdf  (for legacy OneOffice)   Sync a Contract to BidVault  (for upgraded OneOffice)

Opening Projects: Bid opening.pdf