How to set up AppXtender

These instructions are for setting up an AppXtender section on the parcel view page

Set up the File Data Type

  1. Go to "Customizer" under the "User" tab
  2. Click "Files" in the "Data Types" section
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Add a relevant name to the "Data Type Name" field
  5. Choose "List Files Served By AppXtender" on the "Type" field
  6. On the next step, decide if you want to accept multiple uploads and if you want to restrict the files to a certain type
  7. On the next step, choose file types to restrict
    NOTE: This step is only available when you chose yes on the restrictions field on the previous step
  8. Click "Save & Exit"

Add the Data Type to the Parcel

  1. Go to "Customizer" under the "User" tab
  2. Click "Tables" next to your parcel zone
    NOTE: This zone is usually named "PIM" or "Property Records" (Contact if you are unable to find this zone)
  3. Click "Sections" for the parcel table
    NOTE: This table is usually named "Parcels" or "Property Records" (Contact if you are unable to find this table)
  4. Click "Fields" next to the parcel section
    NOTE: This section is usually named "Parcels" or "Parcel Information" (Contact if you are unable to find this section)
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Verify that the option for "Section" is the same as the section name that was chosen in step 3.
  7. Enter an appropriate name in the "Name" field
  8. Choose "File" for the "Data Type" field
  9. Choose access control rights
    1. Employees usually receive both Read and Write access
    2. Other rights will depend on how much access you want the public to have
    3. Contact for questions
  10. On the next step (Basic #2), choose the name of the AppXtender file type you set up in the first part of this document
  11. On the next step (Field Options), enter in any descriptions you want to show on the parcel view that relate to this data type
  12. Choose the Parcel ID in the "Field with values to use as search terms" drop down
  13. Click "Next" until you reach the last step (Review & Implement)
  14. Click "Implement"

After following these steps, go to a parcel record and check to see if the files for that parcel are listed and text to make sure you are able to access those files.