How to set up the MPCA contractor list lookup datatype

The MN Pollution Control Agency has a list of licensed septic installers that is updated daily. You can add a lookup field to your OneGov permits so that when an installer is selected, you can tell if the contractor’s license/certification is current. To add a field to OneGov that will lookup data from the MPCA list:

  1. Go to Administration > Data Types,

  2. Click “Add”

  3. Set the Name to something relevant like “MPCA Lookup”

  4. Choose new "MPCA SSTS Licensed Business" as Base Type

  5. Click “Next”

  6. You should see "--JUST ADDED--" as Customizer Table on Attributes step

    1. Or "P.I.M.: MPCA SSTS Licensed Businesses" if this is not your first of this base type

  7. Go to the “Configuration” step

    1. Click the black arrow button next to the fields you want the applicant to be able to view

    2. Set the search dropdown to “Yes” on the fields you want the applicant to be able to search on

    3. Optionally add a filter to restrict the records available

  8. Go to the “Preview” step

  9. Press "Sync from MPCA" button

    1. Can use this to sync at any time, but you will want to do so before you test out the Preview

  10. Click “Save & Exit”