Add a District for an Application Group

‘District' setup is a way for agencies to certain permits to be assigned to one or more individuals.


To setup:

  1. Enable the District setting in the App Group and label it to best specify the role or assignment type

  2. Enabling this setting will create a tab after clicking on ‘Manage’ next to the App Group, in the Admin App Group tab.

  3. Click on the tab labeled ‘District’ or whatever name was determined in prior steps, then click on Add.

  4. Enter the name of the ‘District’, enter the Contact information for that District, then select one more users who will be in that District.

  5. Click on Add to save your entry; then add repeat steps 3-5 to add more.


Once the District is setup, it can be used to assign a permit to a specific District, filter by District assignment on the dashboard, and can be used in Status Notifications.