Changing/Adding a Site Logo

Upload the image you want to use on the site:

  1. Click "Administration" under the "User" tab
  2. Click "Upload Images" in the "Admin Util" section
  3. There are three spaces to upload an image to:
    1. Large Image: Max Width - 1024px, Max Height - 200px
    2. Medium Image: Max Width - 300px, Max Height - 150px
    3. Small Image: Max Width - 128px, Max Height - 128px
  4. Choose one of these spaces to upload to and click "Browse..."
    1. NOTE: If there is already an image in the space you are uploading to, it will be overwritten by uploading another image and anything that uses the original image will use the new one instead (Site logo, Worksite cards, etc.)
  5. Navigate to where the image you want to upload is saved on your computer, select it, and click "Open"
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page
    1. If you see a red error banner after hitting save, either the image was not properly uploaded (Start over at step 4) or the image exceeded the size requirements (edit the image to be smaller or choose a larger space to upload to)

If the image does not automatically change to the new image you uploaded, you need to change which image the site uses for the logo in the system settings:

  1. Click "System Settings" in the "Admin Util" section
  2. Scroll down until you see a section called "COMPANY_INFO"
  3. Click "Modify" next to "WEBSITE_BANNER"
  4. Choose the space where you saved the new image
    1. Small Image
    2. Medium Image
    3. Large Image
  5. Click "Change this Setting" at the bottom of the page