Using the File Sync Tool

This guide outlines how to use the File Sync tool in OneGov to import and attach files on an FTP site to records such as parcels.

Create a File Upload data type on the record to upload the files to:

If you already have a File Upload available on the record that you want to use for this, you can skip this set of instructions.

  1. Click "Customizer" under the "User" tab
  2. Click "Files" in the "Data Types" section near the top of the page
    1. This section of the site contains the different file containing data types that are available to be used in the customizer section of the site (similar to the data types tab in the administration section of the site)
  3. Check to see if there is a record here that will allow for multiple file uploads If there is no record, skip to the next step
    1. Click "Modify" next to any records if there are some
    2. Check that on step 2: "Basic 2" that the fields are set as follows:
      1. "Should each field of this type accept multiple uploads" = yes
      2. "Should each field of this type restrict uploads to certain types like images or PDFs" = no
  4. If none of the existing records match the needed settings, create a new one by clicking "Add"
    1. Step 1: "Basic"
      1. Name the data type accordingly
        1. Ex. File Attachments
      2. Choose "Upload Files + List Uploaded Files"
    2. Step 2: "Basic 2"
      1. "Should each field of this type accept multiple uploads" = yes
      2. "Should each field of this type restrict uploads to certain types like images or PDFs" = no
    3. "Save & Exit"
  5. Click "Tables" next to the zone that contains the records you want to attach the files to
    1. If you are attaching files to Parcels, this zone should be named something along the lines of "P.I.M." or "Parcel Management"
  6. Click "Sections" next to the records that holds the records you want to attach the files to
  7. Click "Fields" next to the section that you want to hold the files in
  8. Click "Add"
    1. Step 1: "Basic"
      1. Name: Name the new field accordingly
      2. Data Type: Choose "File"
      3. Access Control: Choose who you want to have access to view and download files from this field.
    2. Step 2: "Basic #2"
      1. File Type: Choose the file type
    3. Step 3: " Fields Options"
    4. Skip to Step 6: "Review & Implement"
      1. Click "Implement"
    5. Click "Save & Exit"

Set up the File Sync:

The File Sync feature requires that the name of the file begin with or contain some data that can be matched on the record it should be added to. The most common example would be the name of the file starting with a parcel number. Make sure the file names follow this naming structure before running the file sync (Step 3g below).

  1. Click "Customizer" under the "User" tab
  2. Click "File Sync"
  3. Click "Add"
    1. Step 1: "Basic"
      1. Name of Job: Name this accordingly
      2. Source Type: Currently FTP is the only option available
    2. Step 2: "Source"
      1. Source: Enter the url for the FTP site. (any subdirectories will cause errors)
      2. FTP Port: If you need to specify a port, do so here, otherwise leave at the default
      3. FTP TImeout: Set the timeout if needed otherwise, leave at the default
      4. FTP Username: Set a username is necessary
      5. FTP Password: Set a password if necessary
      6. FTP Passive Mode: Leave set to "Yes" unless otherwise needed
      7. FTP Clear: If you want the files to be deleted from the FTP site after being synced, set this to "yes" otherwise leave at "No"
    3. Step 3: "Target Table"
      1. Target Table: Choose which table you want to add the files to
    4. Step 4: "Match Field"
      1. Match Field: Choose which field in the table contains the data that matches the name of the file
      2. Match Method: Choose if the file name begins with the matching value or contains the matching value
      3. Match Method is Case Sensitive: Select whether or not the field and file name should be checked with case sensitivity
      4. Match Only Valid Records: Choose whether or not the sync should also include invalidated records when matching files to the records
      5. Match Only Once: If two or more records in your target list match a file name, with Match Only Once set to "Yes", only the first record will get it.
    5. Step 5: "Target Field"
      1. Choose which field the files should be saved into on the record
    6. Step 6: "Schedule"
      1. If this sync should be run on a regular basis, you can set up that schedule here
    7. Step 7: "Review and Execute"
      1. On the initial setup of this sync, it can be a good idea to test if the sync is set up properly before running it in full. There are three options on this step:
        1. Test and View Details: Will not add the files to the record. Will only test the sync and display results once finished
        2. Execute and View Details: Will add the files to the record. Will display results once finished
        3. Execute in Background: Will add the files to the record. Will not display results
      2. Please note: This sync may take a while depending on how many records are being added. Only start one sync at a time.
      3. Check for errors and sync results
        1. Go to "Customizer" under the USER drop down
        2. Click on the RESULTS tab (in the "Jobs" section)
        3. Review results and errors from any sync