How do I reset a permit numbering sequence?

Permit numbers are usually generated by a sequence set up in the App Type's administration. A typical number sequence includes the year and an auto-incrementing number (Ex. 2019-123). While the year will automatically update (as long as the sequence is set using the codes in the instructions), the auto-incrementing number does not automatically reset to 1.

The number sequences are also typically set up on an app type by app type basis so these steps need to be repeated for each individual app type.


  1. Click "Administration" under the "User" tab
  2. Click the "App Groups" tab
  3. Click "Manage" next to tone of the App groups
  4. Click "Manage" next to one of the App Types
  5. Click the "Number Sequences" tab
  6. Click "Modify" next to the sequence you want to change
  7. Change the "Next [n] value" field to the value you want to restart at
    1. If the Sequence Format is set up with a year number and not [y], the year will not automatically change based on the current year 
  8. Click "Modify this Number Sequence"