Create a unique Landing page or URL to show specific permit, license, or reservation types

Create a unique landing page (and URL) that will show limited permit, license, or reservation types to make your site more specific to what a user is looking for.


1.  Go to Administration>>Permit Landings tab

2.  Add the identifying label for this new URL as well as the URL suffix (ie: parks, septic, etc...)  Your new URL will be (using previous examples): or

3.  Identify which application types (or permit types) should be visible from this new landing page by going to Administration>> App Groups

4.  Click on 'Modify' next to each application type that you would like to use the new landing page or URL created; then go to step #2 in the wizard.

5.  Under the 'Landing Setup' drop down menu, select the identifying label for the landing page or URL that was created above; click on 'Save & Exit'.

6.  Use this new link wherever you want to guide users to your new landing page!