Change the map draw style


To change the color of the draw style, first check which draw style is being used:

  1.  Click "Customizer" under the "User" tab
  2. Click the "Tables" tab (if there are multiple, use the one that has a row for "Applications")
  3. Click "Modify" next to the "Applications" row
  4. Click on step 5 "Map Layer"
  5. Make note of the option selected in the "Draw Style" drop down
  6. Click "Customizer" under the "User" tab again
  7. Click the "Styles" tab
  8. Click "Modify" next to the the style that was selected on the "Map Layer" step
  9. On step 3 "Stroke" click the button next to the "Stroke Color" field to set the color
  10. The line style and width can also be determined at this step.  Click on 'Save & Exit' to save your changes.