Add Extra Conditions to Specific Permit (Special Provisions)

The Special Provisions feature is used to add extra conditions to an application when those conditions only apply to that specific permit. Special Conditions can only be added to an application while it's still in Pending Review.

1. Click Administration under the User tab at the top of the page

2. Click App Groups in the General section near the top of the page

3. Click Manage next to the App. Group that contains the application you want to add to

4. Click Modify next to the application you want to add Special Provisions to

5. Click Next to go to the step labeled Additional\

6. Verify that the Name of Provisions field is not set to DISABLED

a. If the field is not set to DISABLED, that will be the name of the Special Provision section

b. If the field is set to DISABLED, change the contents of the field (Typically to Special Provisions)

8. Click Next to go to the step labeled Configuration

9. In the Access Control for Special Provisions box at the bottom of the page, click the two boxes in the DEFAULT/Employee row and the box in the Read column for the DEFAULT/Author row.

a. This will allow employees to edit the Special Provisions and for the author of the application to read what the employees wrote.

10. Click Save & Exit

Once these steps are complete:

1. Go to the application that you want to add a special provision to

2. On the view page, add that text by clicking Modify these Special Provisions

3. Type in the Additional Notes textbox