Changing how items are combined on BidVAULT

Items can be combined and exported to BidVAULT to show in a number of ways. If you need to change how items are combined after exporting the contract to BidVAULT:

  1. Go to the contract and select Contract Details

  2. Select the way you would like to see items combined and save changes.

  3. Go to Bidding in the menu, then select BidVAULT Sync.

  4. Click to ‘Update this contract on BidVAULT’


Please note, due to the reconfiguration of items where either items will be added or removed (due to being combined), it is highly recommended that you issue an addenda so bidders are aware of the changes.

If items are combined, some items will be shown as removed but any removed items will stay maintain the bid values.