Sharing Historical Bid Prices with Other Agencies

Agencies can share and view other OneOffice agencies’ historical bid prices, or prevent the sharing of their own historical bid prices with the following instructions.

View Other Agency Historical Bid Prices and Share Historical Bid Prices with Them:

  1. While in ‘Administration’ select ‘Synergy’.

  2. Enter the URL of the agency's OneOffice Site.

    1. Note: Do not include https://

  3. Click on ‘Authorize’.

  4. You will now be sharing your own historical bid prices with that agency and they will be able to view yours. To view their information, look up historical bid prices and select the tab for the agency you wish to view.

 Prevent Historical Bid Prices from Being Shared with Other Agencies:

  1. While in ‘Administration’ select ‘Access Control’.

  2. At the top filter by the ‘Synergy’ role.

  3. Delete the entry for model ‘onoffice/historical-price’ with methods of ‘GET, SEARCH’.

  4. This will now prevent your bid data from being shared with other OneOffice users.