MN Funding - Complex Funding Setup using MnDOT Funding

There may be times when you use MnDOT funding and are having issues getting your items to show properly on Pay Estimates (particularly ‘lump sum’ items).

Below are instructions for a ‘Complex Funding Setup’.


This begins all the way back at item setup when you are assigning categories to your items. Instead of adding this item once and giving it a quantity of 1, you will need to add partial quantities for this item for as many Projects as you have under this Contract.

You will use your Project Numbers as item categories. You will notice that you need to split up your ‘lump sum’ items by their percentage for each project. This is not to be confused with their Funding Split percentages. This is only saying ‘77% of this item is used for Project A and 23% for Project B’. This is so that when you assign funding it properly shows the breakdown for projects and funding categories for each item. This means you are technically adding this item twice, but assigning part to Project A and part to Project B (or however many total Projects are under this Contract).


Next you will go to the Funding section to setup Funding sources, Funding Splits, and assigning Funding to Items.

Funding Sources - add each source as you normally would; Federal, Local, MnDOT, etc.

Funding Splits: Setting up Categories - Begin by adding your first Category and naming it 'Project A' (Whatever your first project name/number is. This should be the same name/number you used when setting up your items). You can also add your second Category and name it “Project B” (Whatever your second project name/number is. This should be the same name/number you used when setting up your items)

Funding Splits: Setting up the Splits/Percentages -


Item Setup: Assigning Funding to each Item -


Now, what happens for these items, is that for Mobilization under Project A, it will split the quantity .23 (80% Federal, 3% Local, 17% MnDOT). Under Project B, it will split the quantity .77 (80% Federal, 20% Local, and there is no MnDOT funding for this one).



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