Multi-Level (Complex) Funding Setup

There may be times where you have a more “Complex” funding setup that would include a ‘category within a category’ and furthermore a ‘split within a split’. Instructions on how to do this (with examples) are below.


Some agencies split their funding categories by project and then by sub group.


Project A & B need to be set up as a ‘Leading Category’.

Then, to add sub categories, click on ‘split’ under Project A. These will be entered as a ‘Final Category’.


Some Projects Have a Complex Funding Split Setup

To set up the splits for each sub group, click on ‘Split’ under that group. (i.e click on splits under Storm Sewer)

If there is only ONE LEVEL of funding (no ‘splits within a split’) then you can enter all as ‘Final’ splits. This means, your funding is split in a basic or general manner; for example, 80% CSAH 20% Local.

If there are MULTIPLE LEVELS of funding ('splits within a split') then you will enter the first as a ‘Leading’ split. This means, your funding is split in a more complex manner; for example, 80% CSAH, and 20% Local, BUT, the 20% local is split 90/10 between Local Funds and Local Agency Sales Tax Funds, OR, you have multiple ‘rollover’ accounts that funds will run to and you want the funds to roll in to one before it goes to the other.


In this example, Storm Sewer will be funded 80/20 CSAH & Local.

Then, Local will be split 100/0 between Local funds and Local Agency Sales Tax.

What this means is that 100% will go to Local Funds until the cap is met, and then any rollover will go to the Local Agency Sales Tax fund.

**Recall that splits always have to add to 100% per split level.


Add CSAH Reg as a Final Split as this is not being split again. (If you have max funding amounts enter those in, but for these examples, I have not added any).

Now, we will add a Leading Split at 20%. It does not has for a source because you are going to split it again.

It will ask you to name this split. I am naming Local. This is up to your discretion.

Notice that you do not have the option to ‘split’ the 80% for CSAH Reg as that was a ‘final split’ but you do have the option to ‘split’ the 20% named Local as this was a ‘leading split’.

Now we are going to split Local into two funding sources, Local Funds & Local Agency Sales Tax. These will be ‘final splits'.

We want items to be funded by this account until the cap is met and then we want the rollover to go in to the Local Agency Sales Tax fund.


To recap, items in the Storm Sewer category will be paid out as such:

  1. Transactions will be funded 80%/20% by CSAH & Local

  2. The 20% Local will be pulled from Local Funds until the $500,000 cap is met and then will go to the Local Agency Sales Tax funding source.


Now, continue on to the Item setup and assign items per Category.




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