Map Select Report

The ‘Map Select’ report allows a user to view contractors, journal notes, journal attachments, and item test results (as well as other geo-tagged fields) from a single map view. When a select number of results are viewed on the map the records will be shown below the map and the link can be clicked to populate the data record.

  1. From the OneOffice menu, click on ‘Map Select’.

  2. Using the radio buttons, select one of the following:

    1. Click on one more points/geo-tags to view records.

    2. Select or drag a box over the area of interest to view records within the selected parameters.

    3. View the records based upon geo-tags in the current map view.

  3. Click types of records to display or to hide on the map.

  4. Click on ‘Go’ to be brought to the record, based upon the map view.