Change Funding Setup After Payments

Funding setup changes can be made at any point during the project, this includes adding new funding. If the current funding setup should be kept for prior payments and the funding setup should only be changed for future payments follow the steps below:

  1. In the ‘Funding’ menu, select ‘Funding Splits’.

  2. Create a new funding split(s) with the funding setup necessary for future payments.

  3. In Item Funding Setup, move the item quantities from the prior funding split to the new funding split created in step 2.

  4. After ‘Save’ is clicked a prompt will display to also move transactions that had been allocated for the prior funding unless only the remaining quantity for each item was moved.

  5. A message will appear that the Awarded or Estimated Funding Validation has been reset.

(OPTIONAL) The funding validation information can also be viewed and modified:

  1. Select Award Validation. Any places where rounding has occurred will be highlighted and noted.

  2. If the funding needs to be modified from what the automated funding validation has set click ‘Restart Validation’.

  3. Update any hi-lighted areas by manually adjusting penny rounding until the values are equal and the items are no longer highlighted.

  4. Click on Save.