Move a Project to a New Contract

To move a project from one contract to the next, the contract must be in the planning phase.

  1. From the contract list, click on ‘Details’ next to the contract that has the project(s) that need to be moved.

  2. In the upper right corner of the Contract page, there will be a ‘Move Project’ button.

  3. Select the project that will be moved.

    1. The list of projects will only show projects that are in the current contract.

  4. Select the Contract to move the project too.

    1. This will show the contract name and number.

  5. Optional: Check the ‘Prefix Funding Source’ box. This will prefix the funding source information with the project number to easily identify any item funding related to the project items that will be moved to the new contract.

  6. Click on ‘Move’.