Contract/Program and Project Creation

When creating a contract or program, you will be able to identify one or more projects that will be worked on as part of that contract. All projects in a contract will be bid together and will be moved through the phases together.


To add a contract:

  1. On the main dashboard, where all contracts are listed, click on ‘Add’

  2. Enter the contract information, and at least one project. You can always move the project to a different contract up until the bidding phase.

  3. The first project you add will automatically be listed as the primary project, but you can change that selection if you add more projects.

  4. After adding the contract and at least one projects, you can then optionally add more projects under the same contract as well.


To do so:

  1. Click on Contract & Project Details on the contract menu

  2. Under the project section, click on ‘ADD’ to add one or multiple projects




  • Item Lists and categories

  • Project location, managers and other supporting details

  • SAPR (for MN customers)

  • Schedule of Price and Bid Abstract (optional, by project or by contract)

  • Inspection notes and item lists

  • Daily inspection note reports

  • Inspected item transactions (can be viewed by project item list)

  • Contract Changes (items will be specified by project)

  • Payment Estimates (with optional package install)



  • Ad for Bid and Plans

  • Public User dashboards

  • Bidding sync and related information

  • eAdvert sync

  • Schedule of Price and Bid Abstract (optional, by project or by contract)

  • Funding setup (recommended to setup funding categories by project, if tracking funding by project number)

  • Payment estimates

  • Inspection

  • Weekly Diary (for MN customers)

  • Contract Changes (items will be specified by project)

  • Encumbrances

  • Intermediate Projects


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