How to add an Addendum

While the contract is in bidding or the Ad for Bid Release to Public Date has been met, any changes to the item list must go through an addendum.

  1. While under the Contracts details page select ‘Bidding’ and then the ‘Addenda’ tab.

  2. To add an addendum click ‘Add’ and enter the date then click ‘Save'.

  3. Next click ‘Edit’ to add any supporting information like attachemtns.

  4. Otherwise, to add, edit, or remove an item click on ‘Details’.

    1. New items can be added, edited, or deleted in a similar fashion to adding, editing, or removing items from the initial project item list

  5. Any items that are added, edited, or removed will be noted in the affected items section, with a note as to how the item was impacted.

  6. Lock the addendum so no future changes can be made by clicking on ‘Edit’ next to the addendum; then enter the date under ‘Locked’.

    1. This will prompt an email to be sent to all current plan holders and will also initiate the contract to be automatically re- synced with BidVault.

    2. Plan holders who have received and viewed the addendum are tracked under the Addendum's details page.