Adding/Modifying Project Items

Project Items can be added in three ways: Adding individual items, importing items via a CSV file, or by copying items from another project. Items are added to projects, not contracts. If there is more than one project in the contract individual items can be added to each project. Once items are added, the items can be re-sequenced or reordered, as well as duplicates line numbers removed.

To Find the Project Items:

  1. Click on ‘Details’ next to the Contract from the Contract listing

  2. The project(s) will be shown in the table below.

  3. Click on ‘Details’ next to the project.

  4. The items should now be listed.

To Add or Modify Individual Items:

  1. Click on ‘Add’ in the item section. A new row will appear to add item information.

  2. Add the Category for the item. This will be used to group items in the project and identify funding setup for the group of items. If there are multiple projects, it is beneficial to include the project number or name in the category description.

  3. Click on ‘Lookup Item’, then use the text fields to enter the origin, item description, item number, or any combination of the three.

  4. Enter the quantity and the estimated price of the item. To find historical prices for that item (within the same origin), click on ‘Lookup historical prices’. Historical pricing can also be found for similar items through historical pricing queries.

  5. Select ‘base’ or alternate options for bidding, then select the checkbox if it is a planned quantity. If there is a recorded contingency price this can also be added. When syncing to BidVAULT, the bidder will not be able to bid on that item and the contingency price will be shown.

  6. Click on ‘Save’ to update.

  7. If an item needs to be Modified or Deleted and the contract is not yet available for bid, select the ‘Edit’ or Delete button next to the item. If the contract is already available for bid the changes must be made through an Addendum.

Add Items by Import:

  1. On the ‘Project Details’ page, click on 'Import Item List’.

  2. Select or drag the .csv file into the application. (See below for converting an excel file into .csv), and add the Item Origin Name that will be created with the file import

  3. Map or identify the columns in the file to match with fields available in the application

  4. Be sure to use the toggle to note if your file has a header row.

  5. Click on ‘Upload’ to import the item list

To Copy Items from Another Project:

  1. On the ‘Project Details’ page, click on ‘Copy Items From’.

  2. A modal will pop up - select which project the items should be copied from. Then determine if times that had been added by a Contract Change should also be included. Also, note if the Contract Quantity and Price should be copied.

  3. Click on ‘Copy’.

Convert an excel file to csv by opening the excel file, clicking on ‘File’, then ‘Save As' and select csv as the file type. Save your new file for import!