Track Changes Made in the Application (Audit Log)

The Audit Report allows agencies to track all changes made in the application, including who made the change, what change was made and the date/time of the change. This provides the ability for detailed audit tracking, as well as the ability to ‘revert’ changes made by being able to determine previous entries.

To Create the Audit Report for a Contract:

  1. From the Contract Menu, click on 'Reports'.

  2. Select ‘Audit Report’.

    1. Select any of the header rows to re-sort the data.

  3. Using the three dots in the upper right corner of the table, click on the ‘Filters’ tab.

    1. This provides the option to query or filter specific information.

    2. The ‘Actor’ field will filter by user account.

    3. The ‘Record Model’ field will filter by the part of the application.

    4. The ‘When’ field will filter by date.

Additional, non-contract logs to see certain admin updates, for areas such as profile or user changes can be found by going to:

  1. While in ‘Administration select 'Records’.

  2. From the ‘Zone’ dropdown, select ‘Core'.

  3. From the ‘Table’ dropdown, select ‘Audit Log’.

  4. Please note, that the filters can be used to search by user, record/model, and date.