Creating an Ad for Bid / Move a Contract to Bidding

An Ad for Bid will provide a general advertisement for your contract. This will be available to the general public to view. This must be posted before posting an Abbreviated Ad to the eAdvert site.

  1. From the Contract Menu, select ‘Bidding’ then ‘Ad for Bid’.

  2. Enter the date to release the plans to the public dashboard.

    1. This will keep the contract in Plannings until this date.

  3. If there is a charge for Plan Download, enter the cost of plan download under the ‘Plans Cost’ field.

  4. Enter any major items to appear on the Ad for Bid document, as well as bid opening and award dates.

  5. Click on ‘Save’ to generate the Ad for Bid record.

  6. Optional: OneOffice can also be used to generate the Ad for Bid document. Under ‘Office Templates’ click ‘Ad for Bid’ to download the Word Template to create the document.

  7. If the Ad for Bid document is uploaded from the Microsoft Add-In, it will automatically upload to the Ad for Bid record. If the Microsoft Add-In is not used to create the Ad for Bid document, upload the document.

  8. Click on ‘Save’.