eGram Guide

Forgot your password?

The steps below are for if you forgot your password. 

  1. Go to the ConneX site here.
  2. Click on "Forgot your User ID or Password".
  3. Enter in your email.
  4. Click "Send Email". You will receive an email to reset your password.

Become a Plan holder

The steps below are how to become a plan holder. 

  1. Log into eGram.
  2. Click on the project you wish to become a plan holder for.
  3. Click "Become a plan holder" on the left hand side.


People may post messages for the project. The steps below are how to view messages.

  1. Log into eGram.
  2. Navigate to the project you wish to view or post messages for.
  3. Click on the message subject.

Why am I getting a message about cookies?

If you are getting a "Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies" message or something similar, please check that your browser is configured to accept cookies.

Resolution for Internet Explorer

  1.  Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Click on the Privacy tab

      2.  Adjust the slider to "Low" or "Accept All Cookies"