Rekey a contract (lost bid posting key)

If you are unable to locate the project bid key (received when posting a bid), then you will need to follow the below steps:


If bidding has already closed:

  1. Go to the contract menu in OneOffice and click on the Bidding submenu

  2. Click on BidVault Sync

  3. Click on the Rekey button and then ‘ok’ after reading the message.

  4. Bidders will need to be notified so that they can rekey their bids. You can do so by adding a message to the dashboard or sending an email to each bidder.

  5. Once all bidders have uploaded their individual project bid keys, proceed with opening bids.


If bidding is not closed and bidders will be logging back into their bids prior to bid opening, nothing needs to be done by the bidder.