Check Out a Project to Work Offline (Without Internet Access)

  1. Verify the browser is set to not delete cookies or site data on close.

  2. Log into OneOffice with an account that has access to the ‘Inspection’ section.

  3. At the left menu, select ‘Contract Offline Checkout’. There will then be a list of all contracts that can be brought offline.

  4. Click on ‘Check Out’ next to the contract that is going to be worked on offline. When the button turns green and says “Checked Out', it is then ready to work offline, without Internet connection.

  5. Then click on the User Icon and toggle the “Work Offline” button.

  6. Do not log out of the application. You can close your browser and turn off your computer, the information will be stored in your browser. However, you must continue to use the same browser that you were using when you checked out data for use ‘offline’ and you must not log out; otherwise, you will require Internet access to log back in.

  7. Click on the contract number that was checked out.

  8. Enter contract notes and transactions (see inspection training). The data entered will be stored locally on the computer or device and will not update in the application's database until the offline changes have been merged.

  9. It is recommended that you save a backup of your data if working offline for an extended period of time, to prevent any mishaps with locally stored data, save data to your device or even to a flash drive off your device by downloading an offline backup.

  10. To merge changes from your computer or device, click on the User Icon and toggle off the “Work Offline” button. Click on the green ‘sync’ arrows at the top of the inspection page once you have Internet access. This will merge your changes and save the information to the central database. If you want to work offline again at this point, you do not need to go back to check out the contract again you can just continue to work offline.

  11. If you do not want your device to try to connect to service when in areas of ‘spotty’ coverage, you can click on ‘work offline’ (found under the ‘User’ icon, which will allow you to work offline until you click on the slider to ‘work online’.

Supported browsers for offline use:

  • Edge version 14 or newer for offline capabilities

  • Safari version 11.1 or newer for offline capabilities

  • Chrome version 42 or newer for offline capabilities

  • Firefox version 39 or newer for offline capabilities

Support exclusions for 'offline' inspection access:

  • Chrome use on iOS device is not supported for offline inspection access. It is recommended to use a current version of Safari if using an iOS device offline

  • Offline inspection access will not work if connected to a VPN or running a VM

Features not available when using the application offline:

  • Adding Media attachments

  • Adding map data/locations

  • Using location services to add current weather data

Please note that some browsers have limited timeframes in which your data will be stored locally. Sync your data frequently and do not exceed one week without syncing changes.