Rekey a Bid

If a project owner bid key cannot be located after bid opening, the bid will need to be rekeyed.

To do so:

  1.  The project owner will need to click on 'Rekey' from the bid opening dashboard.  The project owner will then receive a new bid key for opening.
  2. If the bid opening date is not close or has not passed, bidders only need to log into their bids in order to resync their encryption key with the new project owner encryption key.
  3. If the bid opening date has passed, all contractors who bid will need to follow the below instructions to rekey their bids as well.  You can notify bidders by posting a message in OneOffice or by reaching out to each agency.  RTVision can see a list of bidders after bid opening, please contact for that information.  Instructions for contractors:
    1.  Log into bidVAULT
    2. Go to User tab>>My Bids
    3. Click on 'Rekey' – upload bid key used
  4. Once all contractors have rekeyed (or uploaded their bid key), the project owner can then proceed with bid opening using the new key received in step 1.