Setting up ConneX accounts for use with OneGov

  1. Start at ConneX (

  2. Click on Sign Up and follow the guided interface to setup your account

  3. If your Organization may already be setup, you can search by organization to add your user account to the organization (an Administrator of your Organization ConneX account will need to approve this)

*Note: Users created under a single Organization account will have the ability to access permits created by other users in the same organization

If your Organization is not yet setup on Connex, click on ‘None’ at the bottom of the list



4. When prompted to fill out Login Credentials, please use the same email address that you use to fill out permits.  Your email address will be used to link your ConneX account with your previously created permits

5. When adding the UserID, please note that it must be unique and it is recommended to use your email address.

6. You will not need a PIN for approval

Note: When logging into OneGov sites, you will use your email address and the ConneX password you setup.  This same user account will work on all OneGov sites your account is linked to.



7. Log into ConneX with the account you just created.

8. Under the Organization tab, select ‘OneGov Access’.  You can click to Sync your ConneX account with any number of OneGov sites.




9.Under the Organization tab, select ‘Asset Management’.  Here you can add various assets like vehicles and trailers, or other repeat information, like routes, which can then be selected when filling out permits at the OneGov sites selected in the previous step.

10.Click on ‘Add’ to add a new Asset then Name the asset, which is what you will see when selecting the asset in OneGov.  To quickly add another, click on ‘Add Another’ at top.

Note: Optional fields have a green checkmark because a blank entry is acceptable.  Required fields will show with a red ‘x’ until an accepted entry is added.  If a field still shows a red ‘x’ even after entry, click on the Usage table (ie Usage 1’) to see where that entry is not accepted, by OneGov site and permit type.  You may need to enter an alternate entry in order to accommodate all options.



11.Add additional users in your organization by going to the Organization tab, then select ‘Manage Users

12.Click on ‘Add new user to organization’ and fill out information for the new user.  The new user will get an email notification to verify their account which will be noted under the ‘Email Verified’ column.

Users in the same organization will be able to utilize the same Asset Management list for moving permits and will also be able to see each other’s permits on the OneGov dashboard.



When filling out a permit, if the permit type is linked to Connex, you can access your Asset Management information to automatically populate information.

Click on “Fill this section for Asset Management on ConneX”

Enter part or all of the name to filter the results and then choose the selection to populate the data fields.