Morrison Sketcher Guide

The sketcher function is available in the Parcel Inventory Management when adding or editing an As Built record on a parcel.

Sketcher allows you to add certain pieces of information including:

  • Structure
  • Supply Pipe
  • Tank
  • Pump Tank
  • Drainfield
  • Well
  • OHWM
  • Nearest Property Line

To add one of these items to the map:

  1. Click the button for the specific item you want to add and the listing of buttons will be replaced with one or more buttons for capturing points
  2. Click the "GPS" button
  3. Set your location:
    •  If you are using a GPS, click "Find Me" and the marker will automatically move to your location
    • click the "Set X/Y" button, then click the green pin button (looks like an upside down teardrop) and using the arrows, move the marker to the correct location
  4. Click "Capture Point 1" to set the first point
  5. If you are using the arrows to set your location, repeat the process of setting your location before you capture points. Otherwise, if you are using a GPS, move to the location of the next point to continue capturing
  6. Once all points are captured, click "Done" and the item will display on the map.

Once you have several items added to the map, you will be able to scroll down below the sketcher and property record boxes and see a listing of distances between the items added to your map. These distances are automatically added as items are added.

Other Functions:

2D Distance: While in the GPS portion of the map, there is a button labeled "2D Distance". Clicking on that button will add text saying " The 2d distance is 0 feet" below the latitude and longitude information. Either walking (if using a GPS) or using the arrows to change your location will update tat text in real time.