Contractor Punch List and Submittals

The Contractor Punch/Task List is installed or added to each OneOffice site via the ‘Packages’ section in Admin. It will need to be installed before it will show on the Contract menu. The main features of this package include:

  • Assign inspectors per contract

  • Add tasks or submittal requests (attachments) for contractors to complete

  • Email notifications sent to contractor when new tasks added

  • Email notifications sent to inspector when complete

  • Email notifications sent to contractor when task is accepted by Project owner, with interface for contractor to set date completed and inspector to set date accepted

  • Email notifications sent to contractor if task or attachment is rejected by Project owner, with interface for contractor to set reason

  1. On the Contract menu, select ‘Task Lists’

  2. Click ‘Add’ to add a punch or submittal list, then select the date and punch list type before clicking on Save. This will allow multiple punch lists by type and date to be managed and saved. With each punch list having different tasks.

  3. To add tasks to the punch list created in the last step, click on ‘Details' next to the punch list.

  4. Click on ‘Add’ to add a new task to the previously created punch list.

  5. Type in the description of the task, then click on Save.

  6. Once a number of tasks are entered, there is the option to notify the winning contractor ConneX accounts by clicking on the ‘Notify contractor’ button in the upper right corner of the page.

  7. The contractor will receive an email notification and will be able to mark each task as ‘completed’ and/or upload requested files.

  8. The contractor can then select to notify the assigned ‘inspectors’ for the task list.

  9. Once notified, the inspector(s) can mark each completed task as ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’ by clicking on the ‘Inspector View’. The inspector can also optionally notify the contractor(s) that the files or tasks were accepted or rejected.