How to include additional emails in applicant notifications

These instructions can be used when you want the notifications that are sent to the applicant of an application to also be sent to another email that is captured in the application (ex. contractor, agent, etc.).

If there is not already a field in the application that collects the email you want included, you will need to add a new field to the application specifically for collecting that information. You can follow our guide for adding a new field. The new field MUST use a data type with a base of email address or contact in order for the instructions below to work. Email for any questions on this.

  1. Click “Administration” under the “User” tab at the top of the page

  2. Click “App Groups” in the “General” section near the top of the page

  3. Click “Manage” next to the App. Group that contains the application for which you want to include the additional email

  4. Click “Modify” next to the application for which you want to include the additional email

  5. Move to the step labeled "Notification" in the setup
    1. On this step, you are able to see a listing of all of the fields in the application that have a base type of email address or contact. These fields are the already existing fields that are able to be included on the notifications. By clicking the box next to the field name, the system will automatically add any email address in that field to the "Extra Email" field in the management section which is then used by the notifications to determine who to send the email to.
    2. Ex. "Construction Information - Contractor or Installer" is a contact or email address field in the "Construction Information" section of the application and the label for the field is "Contractor or Installer". This information helps to narrow down the available fields to make sure you choose the correct one to be included
  6. Click "Save & Exit"