Adding a Field to a Section

These instructions detail how to add a new field to an existing section in an application.

  1. Click “Administration” under the “User” tab at the top of the page
  2. Click “App Groups” in the “General” section near the top of the page
  3. Click “Manage” next to the App. Group that the application you want to add a field for is in
  4. Click "Manage" next to the application you want to add a field to
  5. Click "Fields" next to the section you want to add a field to
  6. Click "Add"
  7. Step 1: Basic
    1. Ensure that the "Section" drop down is displaying the appropriate section name
      1. If you click "Add" from within a specific section, this field will automatically display that particular section name
    2. You are able to use the "Position in Section" drop down to determine where the field is positioned in relation to the existing fields in that section
      1. The field is positioned after the field chosen in the drop down
      2. NOTE: You must fill out the required fields and click the "Save this field" button next to this drop down before you have the ability to change the drop down to something other than "End"
    3. Enter a unique name for the field
      1. This is the name the field will be saved as in the database
      2. It is recommended to stick to a naming convention for the unique fields since the name has to be unique site wide
        1. A frequently used naming convention is to use an abbreviated version of the application name as a prefix to the field name
          1. ex. CUP Applicant Info
      3. If a unique name is already exists in the database, a red error banner will appear and the unique field will have red text below saying: This Unique Name is already used by another record. Please try another.
    4. Enter a label for the field
      1. This is the text that will show next to the field on the application
    5. Choose the data type
      1. There are a number of existing fields that are available to choose from but you are also able to add your own
      • Data Type Training Guide Coming Soon
    6. Choose whether or not the field will be required
      1. If a field is not required, the applicant may choose to leave the field blank
    7. Choose an Access Control List Option
      1. "Default/Author Write, Employee Write" will allow the person who started the application and employees to be able to fill out this field
  8. Step 2: Description & Documentation
    1. Optional Add an Extended Description
      1. This will display additional information about the field under the field
    2. Optional: Add a Hovering Description/Tooltip
      1. This will add a blue question mark next to the field that will display additional information upon hovering over
    3. Optional: External Document
      1. This will allow you to display a link to any external documents you want to show next to this field
  9. Step 3: Value
    1. Choose whether or not to lock the value when the application is signed
      1. Whether or not to lock the value for this field when application is signed.
      2. If Yes, field will be read-only after signature, even if access control grants Write access.
  10. Step 4: Preview / Set Default
    1. If you want a default value to be set on the field, you can enter that value on this step and click "Set Default"
  11. Click "Save & Exit"

If you want to change the positioning of the fields after it has been created, you can always do so on the sections Fields page (Follow instructions 1-5) by clicking and holding the small arrow on the far left of the field you want to move and then dragging it to the position you want it in.