Setting up a New App. Type

These instructions are for adding a new App. Type (Application or Permit). Examples include Oversize Move, Site Use, Restrictive Layer, etc.

  1. Click “Administration” under the “User” tab at the top of the page

  2. Click “App Groups” in the “General” section near the top of the page

  3. Click “Manage” next to the App. Group you want to make an App. Type for
  4. Click "Add"
  5. Step 1: Basic
    1. Enter the name of this App Type
    2. Optional: Add a description
    3. Choose an Access Option
      1. The default "Show on Index w/o login; Show option to Add New w/o login" will allow users without a login to start an application immediately after creating an account
      2. Choose "Show on Index w/o login" if you want this App. Type to be visible on the Index to users without a login but require a login to start the application
      3. Choose " Always check Access Control List" if you want this App. Group to only be visible to users with the proper Access Rights (Employees, Users with a login)
        • Access Rights Training Guide Coming Soon
    4. Choose an Access Control List Option
      1. Choose "Any User Write" for logged in users to be able to start application
    5. Choose an App. Base
      1. Typically choose "Applications"
  6. Step 2: Basic 2
    1. Disable or name the Terms and Conditions step
      1. Clicking "Disable Terms" will change the field to "DISABLED" and will prevent the Terms and Conditions step from showing on the application
    2. Disable or name the Invoice step
      1. Clicking "Disable Charges" will change the field to "DISABLED" and will prevent the Invoice step from showing on the application as well as disable fees on the application
    3. Choose "Yes" or "No" for "Must do steps in order"
      1. Choosing "Yes" will force the applicant to fill out all required fields on a step before moving on to the next
      2. Choosing "No" will allow the applicant to jump between steps but will still force all required fields to be filled before submitting the application
    4. Choose a signature option
      1. Options include Digital and Manual signatures
        1. Digital provide more information about who signed and when
        2. Manual Signatures provide only a line for a physical signature for when the application is printed
      2. Digital signatures include options to Lock or Audit
        1. Digital + Lock options will lock fields from edits if a signature exists
        2. Digital + Audit options may allow edits but turn the signature red
  7. Step 3: Configuration
    1. Choose if an application can be copied
      1. Helpful for when an applicant is often filled out numerous times with only minor changes each time
      2. Applicant is able to choose to copy one of their existing applications to pull information from that application to a new one
    2. Choose if an application can be renewed
      1. Primarily used for applications that have an expiration
    3. Choose if the application has a duration
      1. Used to set the length of time an application is valid
  8. Step 4: Section Fields
    1. Enter the name of the first section of the application
      1. Typical first step is "Applicant Information"
      2. Choose Access Control List
        1. Typically "Author Write, Employee Write" so that the only people who can edit the application are the person who started the application and employees
      3. Click "Add First Section"
  9. Step 5: Notification
    1. If there are any existing fields with a base data type of Contact Information or Email Address you can choose to send notifications to the email addresses included in those fields along side the applicant's email
  10. Step 6: Number Sequences
    1. Choose a number sequence for the App # if you want the App # to be set automatically
      1. Number Sequence Guide Coming Soon
    2. Choose a number sequence for the Permit # if you want the Permit # to be set automatically
    1. Choose which terms are applicable to this App. Type
  12. Click "Save & Exit"