Sync a Contract to BidVault

Contracts can be sync’d to BidVault to provide contractors with the ability to submit bids electronically. Prior to sync’ing a contract to BidVault, please make sure you contact RTVision to get setup with access.

Please note that the Item List setup on BidVAULT is determined by how items are combined on the Contract Details page.


  1. From the Contract Menu, click on Bidding>> BidVault Sync

  2. Enter the payment type for bidding

  3. Enter any document that need to be manually uploaded/attached by the bidder. These are documents that may not exist in an electronic format (see step 4) so the user will need to upload the document.

  4. Select any electronic document(s) that should be electronically populated and signed.

  5. Enter contract and project details to show on BidVault

  6. Click on ‘Add this Contract to Bidvault’. A bid key will now be available to download. Please download the bid key from the browser prompt and keep this key for the bid opening. If you lose the key, you will need to rekey the project.

  7. The sync date/time will show once complete and the contract will now show on BidVault.


Contracts are automatically re-sync’d with BidVault when an addenda is added in OneOffice. However, if the ‘Bid Opening’ date/time is updated in the Ad for Bid section of OneOffice, you will need to manually re-sync the contract to BidVault to update this information.