Add a New App. Group

These instructions are for adding a new App. Group. These are usually created to hold a group of related applications. Examples include Highway, Land Use, Sewer, etc.

How to Navigate to the App. Groups:

  1. Under the ‘User’ tab select ‘Administration’.

  2. Under the ‘General’ section select ‘App. Groups'.

  3. Click ‘Add’.

Group Management Form:

  1. Basic

    1. Enter a ‘Name’ for the new App. Group.

    2. Optional: Add a ‘Description’ for this App. Group. This description will be shown on the Index page under the title of the App. Group.

    3. Optional: Enter ‘Contact Information' for this App. Group. This contact information shows in the upper right of the application and invoice print pages.

    4. Choose a sort option to determine how the applications are sorted on the dashboard:

      1. Unique #: Sorts by a unique number that is assigned to all applications on creation

      2. Approved #, Unique #: Sorts the applications by Permit # first and then by Unique #

      3. Status, Unique #: Sorts by status name alphabetically and then by Unique #

      4. Status, Approved #, Unique #: Sorts by status name alphabetically, then Permit #, and then by Unique #

    5. Choose an Access Option:

      1. The default, ‘Show on Index w/o login’, will allow users that do not have a login to be able to see this App. Group.

      2. ‘Always check Access Control List’: If this App. Group should only be visible to users with the proper Access Rights (Employees, Users with a login)

    6. Choose an Access Control List:

      1. To allow public users to start their own applications, choose ‘DEFAULT/Any User Write’.

      2. To keep access internal only, choose 'DEFAULT/Employee Write'.

      3. Contact for advice on situations other than the above.

    7. Choose an App. Status Setup:

      1. This determines the status setup that an application uses.

    8. Choose an App. Base

      1. This determines what type of Applications are generally handled in this App. Group.

      2. Permit applications fall under Applications

    9. Click ‘Next >’

  2. Configuration

    1. Decide if Districts should be enabled:

      1. Districts allow you to assign an application to a specific employee.

    2. Choose a ‘Contact setup’.

    3. Choose a ‘Parcel Data Type’.

    4. Click ‘Next >’

  3. Default Location on Map

    1. Set how the maps look by default when an application uses a map data type:

      1. To set where the map should default: Zoom in on the map and click ‘Save Location’ under the map.

  4. Click 'Save & Exit'.